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Rethinking Weight Loss – Beyond the Calorie Deficit

Have you ever wondered why most diets end in failure? Each year, a large majority of the world set out on a weight loss journey and yet around 95% of them don’t succeed. What if the secret to success isn’t just about counting calories but...

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The Ancestral Diet – Our Path Back to Nature

Do you ever feel like something’s just not quite right with the way we eat today? Fast food is at our fingertips, and shelves are stacked with processed snacks and fruits that look a little too perfect. It’s almost like we’ve wandered a bit too...

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Could Improving the Health of Your Gut Bacteria Improve Cognition, Mood, and Memory

One of the most fascinating medical discoveries of the 21st century has been the intestinal microbiome and its importance to our health, cognition, and sense of well-being.   As we have come to understand the gut and the gut microbiota more fully, we have found...

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The Jackson Litchfield Guide to High Quality Self-Quant: Blood Tests and Diagnostic Panels that Will Help You Achieve Your Personal Best

I’m all for the quantified self-trend. I believe anything, including blood testing, reliable fitness trackers like the oura ring, step counters, body fat measurements, as well as blood, saliva, or DNA testing – anything that gives us the information we need to take our health...

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The Wonder of Hormesis

The following strategies fall under a larger umbrella of scientific strategies that promote cellular renewal, resilience, and anti-aging called “hormesis.” Hormesis, as Todd Becker notes, “is a biological phenomenon whereby a beneficial effect (improved health, stress tolerance, growth or longevity) results from exposure to low...

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