The body composition specialist

"Discover the true essence of who you are and the greatness you can achieve with a healthy, lean and strong body."

JL's health and performance coaching will inspire individuals to take massive action and rise to the challenge of becoming the best possible version of themselves.

Jackson believes results should be about creating massive change. Change done from the inside out. Change that will last a lifetime. Make it happen with the 3 essential elements


Tailored nutritional plans

  • Discover the correct macro nutrients for your bodies optimal function and aesthetics
  • Planning nutrition for a desired body composition result ie. Fat loss, lean muscle gain
  • Pre, intra and post workout nutrition
  • Detailed meal plans
  • Eating for health and disease prevention


Strength and conditioning

  • Structural balance and posture
  • Training for body composition i.e. body FAT loss, LEAN muscle tissue gain, overall desired aesthetics
  • Training for strength and performance
  • Learn correct lifting techniques for long term joint health and performance
  • Training sessions are conducted in an inspiring results-based culture that will get you in the best state of mind and shape ever imagined

Bioprint analysis

Hormonal Profile with Biosignature modulation and functional medicine.

  • Optimization of hormones for male and female body composition
  • Body fat measuring via calliper testing- discover body fat levels and important body composition markers
  • Individualised Supplementation protocol for maximal results
  • Maximization of Energy and awareness
  • Optimal Cognitive function and concentration
  • Minimize stress and maximise energy

Each bespoke solution is drawn up and implemented with an emphasis on optimizing health and hormones, reaching  optimal body composition, and long term strength and conditioning.