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Nutrition and bioprint analysis

Nutrition and bioprint analysis 

After assessing body composition done in the form of Bioprint you will receive a detailed meal plan in accordance with your goal. Measurements are done bi weekly to ensure progression and to monitor results. 


BioPrint is world-renowned coach and functional medicine practitioner Charles R. Poliquin’s cutting edge fat loss and health assessment designed to improve body composition rapidly, effectively and safely. It is a scientific system that analyses the way the body stores fat in correlation to the individual’s possible hormonal imbalances. BioPrint is calculated through attaining site-specific body fat scores that accurately measures an individual’s overall body fat.

Nutrition with Jackson 

What to expect: 

  •  Discover the correct macro nutrients (protein, carbs and fats) for your bodies optimal function and aesthetics.  
  • Nutrition protocol created for your goal to be specific: 
  • Female Fat loss 
  • Male Fat loss
  • Male muscle gain
  • Specific/ specilised Body composition changes for male and female 
  • General health ie energy, digestion, brain function, etc
  •  Supplement protocols designed for the individual
  • Preintra and post workout nutrition
  •  Detailed meal plans with recipes that are customized for your body type and food sensitivities 
  • Biosignature report with full breakdown on body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, priority areas.
  • Optional: Access to tailored blood testing eg. Food intolerance, gut health, hormonal panel and general male and female health markers.